I have been taking private guitar lessons from Alejandro Vega for several years now and have made significant progress.  He is a passionate guitarist and a great committed teacher. He possesses a very large and professional music background.  His academic status speaks for itself.


Alejandro’s teaching abilities are based on the simplest and most effective teaching methods. His teaching style is very much anchored on the most simple instructional techniques. He is very easy to understand and always find an easy explanation to any complex techniques.


He has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of guitar playing styles, music theories and reading.  He can provide his members with a very effective guitar teaching package for beginner students to those focusing on advanced issues. Alejandro has the ability to always structure guitar lessons according to individual goals and students remain very motivated.

Jean Guertin

I have been a student of Alejandro for several years and it has been a very rewarding experience learning to play guitar with him and learning so much about music theory and techniques. He is a gifted and intuitive guitarist who is able to instruct and guide even the slowest of students like me. Always patient and in good humour. My wife adores him which is always a good sign of approval. Would highly recommend Alejandro as a guitar teacher for beginners, intermediate or advanced students.

Ian Wright

Alejandro has been the first and only teacher I have seen since I started learning the guitar five years ago. He has an incredible way of breaking down theory and technique into understandable and playable sections. His lesson are interesting and challenging, and I learn each time we meet. I highly recommend Alejandro for guitar students of any level from beginner to advanced

Rick Farrell